Do you remember a special ‘A ha’ moment in your life? I remember the moment I laid eyes on my beautiful daughter for the first time and where I was when I heard over the radio that Elvis had died…

I never considered interior design a job but, rather a calling… I even remember that quiet moment when ‘I knew’ ! There’s a restaurant outside of Luxembourg City located in an old house belonging to the family of my favorite famous European female chef, Lea Linster. The moment you enter this countryside abode, you enter a world of high class gourmet cuisine and a decor of pure zen elegance. There are panels of ivory linen that hang from the ceilings and flutter ever so lightly. From the back of the house you can view the bucolic scene of the village cows grazing in the distant pastures. There is nothing out of place and yet everything (from the food to the exemplary service and beyond) seems effortless. An unforgettable culinary experience that awakens all the senses… And isn’t that what interior design is as well – the awakening of the senses?

In my bio, I mention that I bring ‘that undeniable European flair’ to my designs. I firmly believe that when you hire a designer, she/he brings everything they are (past experiences, travels etc) to their creations. Recently after one of my seminars, I mentioned to a lovely lady from North Carolina that I felt I might have been a Southern Belle in a another lifetime (wishful thinking perhaps!). She leaned toward me and said softly in her honey tinged accent ‘Honey, that’s the European in you!”

My best friend (who is British) tends to say that I’m too American for Europe and too European for America! So where does that leave me (besides somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic!)? I like to believe that I have the best of both worlds and can understand – and appreciate – the wonderful values that each culture has to offer!

Growing up in Europe, I was naturally exposed to the history of arts as everything related to European history is intricately intertwined with art (and thus design!). I acquired an innate appreciation for quality and respect for craftsmanship. My favorite fabric is velvet and although people in Florida tend to cringe when I mention that, I’m watching my dog lounge comfortably on my beige velvet sofa. My preferred window treatments are linen panels – fluttering lightly in the warm Florida breeze!

Curious on how to bring the best of Florida into your home?