Recently I had the pleasure of choosing my own kitchen backsplash when I moved into my new home. Some friends asked me ‘you’re going to choose color – aren’t you?!’. Well, no, I didn’t choose color (see below). So what made me choose the beautiful SONOMA tile that I did order?

Considering that a kitchen backsplash is a blank slate of creative expression, it’s important to consider the rest of your decor – the color and style of kitchen cabinets, your counter top, the design style of the rest of the home if your kitchen is an open floor plan. The color of my tiles was guided by the colors in my granite countertop but the shape of my tile was inspired by my personal decor – which I describe as “French country meets Marrakesh”!

SONOMA – Penthouse

Kitchens are probably the room in the house which requires the most attention to detail and presents the most choices available. Your backsplash can take your decor to another level – it can become the main focal point. Together with one of my lovely clients, who is not afraid to ‘step out of the box’ and fully express her love of color, we designed this one-of-a-kind red glass backsplash with custom flames above the stove top! A year later, my client tells me that her backsplash puts a smile on her face every morning when she makes her coffee! This is truly a showcase backsplash!

Allison Eden

Lots of kitchens here in Florida are large and open to the living areas of the home. A client wanted a calm coastal look so we painted her dark cabinets and installed traditional subway tiles in soft shades of cream in a watercolor finish (yes, I reach out to touch them each and every time because they appear wet!)


I find that contrary to what was done a few years ago, clients are thinking less about ‘re-sale’ but want design that makes them happy!  I was happy as a tamale to create a Mexican tile backsplash for clients of mine who never shy away from color in their Pelican Bay penthouse!

Backsplashes’ purpose is not only to be a  fun focal point for your kitchen but function as protection from food stains and debris as well as water damage. Think of function as well as design (or make sure your designer does!) and don’t fall for today’s fads and trends. There are many ugly choices out there but salvation is only a new backsplash away!

After Design by Walker Zanger Tile

Every Realtor knows that the sight of an – insert adjective – (ugly, busy, chaotic, unsightly, ….did I already mention ugly?!) backsplash can break a sale! However, decorative improvements are just a designer away!

Island Stone

A backsplash doesn’t always need to be tile – it can also be reclaimed wood!

Artistic Tile

When real travertine is too heavy (and shipping costs are prohibitive), consider porcelain tile to replicate the look you are going for.

Now, before you start running to the store for supplies to install your own backsplash, I want to offer some advice.

As with every project, proper planning will help you save money, get the best design, and a timeless look that you will enjoy for years to come. Interior designers are not only just focused on design, but focused on providing you the best experience in creating a space you’ll love. DIY is on the rise, but it’s important to understand that the ones that make it look flawless on TV had years of experience or have someone behind the scenes doing it for them.